(Answered) NR447 Week 6 Assignment: Direct Care Project Part 4: Evaluating the Project

Directions for Part 4

  1. View the Direct Care Project Part 4 Tutorial (Click here to view) (Links to an external site.).
  2. Download the Direct Care Part 4: Evaluating the Project template below.
  3. Gather the information from the surveys and attendance form.
  4. Complete the template with the following:
    1. Attendance form data
      1. Include names, titles, and organization
    2. Tables of results
      1. PRE-Survey and POST-Survey results in numerical form
    3. Interpretation of results
      1. Summarize data in the tables
      2. Include any positive or negative changes
    4. Reflection
      1. Overall experience
      2. Summary of outcomes from the pre and post surveys
      3. Gaps in project (Examples: What else would have been helpful? More data? Better resources?)
      4. Barriers to the project (Examples: participant interest, time, limited resources, willingness for change)
    5. Implications for future practice
      1. How could this project impact your professional practice?
  5. Submit the Direct Care Part 4: Evaluating the Project template and the attendance form. The attendance form will be a separate submission in the grades area.


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