(Answered) NR504 Week 1: Leadership Theory: Application to Advanced Nursing Practice

Consider the leadership theories and styles that have been addressed during Week 1, as well as their value to advanced nursing practice. Reflect upon your current leadership roles within the profession and respond to the following.

  • Select one leadership theory or style that aligns with your personal philosophy and leadership stance. Explain the selected theory or style, and discuss how it can be applied in your future MSN role.
  • Discuss your current leadership roles (formal and informal), and describe the formal and informal leadership roles that you will have in your area of advanced nursing practice.
  • In your future MSN role, what are the implications of your leadership for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities?

Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (outside of class resources) to validate your work.


Leadership is known to function as the procedure of blowing or maybe guiding a team or perhaps business towards goals that are specific. Even though several definitions of leadership are present, many contain a single or even really the following themes (Summerfield, 2014). Democratic: The leader functions to attain a typical objective. Collegial theme: Through an unifying and respectful method, the leader influences instead of dictates the procedure. Enhancement theme: The outcomes stand for a longer present state. A nurse leader generally utilizes many types of leadership based on the scenario presented; this is viewed as situational leadership. It’s vital the pro nurse pick the perfect form of leadership for any situation to make sure the employees of theirs are doing at the highest potential of theirs…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.