(Answered) NR504 Week 3: Leading and Caring for Oneself

MSN-prepared nurses serve as leaders across a wide array of healthcare and organizational contexts, influencing individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. Recognizing this far-reaching impact of the MSN-prepared nurse as leader in shaping healthcare and the profession, respond to the following.

  • Why are self-care and self-leadership important, and how do they relate to one’s competency as a leader? How is self-care related to self-leadership?
  • Based upon the Chamberlain Care Model, what are the implications when adequate self-care is present? What are the implications when self-care is lacking or absent?
  • How are self-care and self-leadership reflected in the principles of authentic leadership?
  • What are the implications of effective self-leadership and self-care in your future MSN role? Provide two recommendations to further cultivate self-care and self-leadership.

Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (outside of class resources) to validate your work.


Self- care and self leadership is essential as these concepts are vital to self lead. To become a booming leader, a person should look after themselves physically, psychologically, and psychologically. Disregarding these requirements are going to affect one ‘s potential to believe, focus, along with help others in need.

Self-care as well as self leadership connect with one ‘s competence as being a leader since when utilized in synchrony will better an individual’s performance as being a leader. Things like appropriate sleep patterns, a well-balanced diet, along with exercising regularly all promote one ‘s feature as a leader and also helps with controlling leadership stress. Leaders that apply self care is going to have much more power to assist others…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.