(Answered) NR504 Week 4: Leading Others: Implications of Personal Leadership Style

Emotionally incompetent behaviors can destroy a team’s ability to achieve a specific goal. Consider the following list of emotionally incompetent behaviors (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2018).

  • Acting as a devil’s advocate
  • Displaying a bad attitude
  • Displaying a superior attitude
  • Tolerating errors
  • Failing to balance work and relaxation

Select one behavior from the list above, and complete the following.

  • State the selected behavior.
  • Develop a fictitious example that demonstrates the selected behavior.
  • Considering your selected leadership style that was identified in Week 1, describe two techniques that a leader could use to help develop the individual.
  • Explain how the techniques are reflective of the leadership style you have identified.
  • How will these techniques be useful in your future role as a MSN-prepared nurse leader?

Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (outside of class resources) to validate your work.


Ones behavior at the office is an important component of the hospitals efficiency and proper care of individuals. Developing a good work environment is essential for equally staff and patient pleasure.

Bad Attitude Example:

Casey was a nurse for 8 years in the ICU. She was an excellent nurse and cared for the patients of her with expert level nursing abilities. Regrettably, Casey had a terrible attitude to co workers. She treated brand new nurses terribly and made them think beneath her. She frequently gossiped as well as spread rumors about the younger nurses that were simply…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.