(Answered) NR504 Week 8: Synthesis and Reflection of Learning

Reflect upon the learning that you have accomplished throughout the previous weeks, and assess your achievement of each of the five course outcomes.

  • CO 1: Discern leadership approaches that facilitate achievement of health outcomes through interprofessional collaborative practice within micro-, meso-, and macro-level systems.
  • CO 2: Appraise the role of the MSN-prepared nurse to lead safe, efficient, ethical, high-quality, person-centered healthcare across complex systems.
  • CO 3: Integrate communication modalities that convey cultural humility, value the diverse nature of individuals, and cultivate healthful work environments.
  • CO 4: Apply change and leadership theories to plan sustainable, evidence-based quality improvement within an atmosphere that supports care for self and others.
  • CO 5: Recognize individual strengths and opportunities for enhancement regarding leadership characteristics reflective of a MSN-prepared nurse.

For each course outcome, explain the learning that you accomplished. Include at least specific learning activity or assignment that contributed to your achievement of that outcome, and explain how it supported your learning.

Conclude with your plans for continued professional development of leadership competency within your future MSN role.

Include current, peer-reviewed scholarly support (outside of class resources) to validate your work.


Even though the meaning of leadership has developed over time, nurses have continued with leadership roles. While these leadership roles aren’t constantly professional, they’ve an effect on both their very own practice along with the process of others. I believe that this program has led me to get the 5 course results through study as well as self reflection.

Program outcome you have shown that you can get numerous leadership types which can affect results in the micro, macro levels and meso. One style that is such is Transformational which might impact engagement with stakeholders not just in the person (micro) amount, although organizational (meso) as well as community (macro) amounts also (Doh, and Quigley, 2014). As a leader you should be dedicated to your purpose and passion, and also possess the kind of dedication that becomes tenacity. Lots of nursing leaders are…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.