(Answered) NR531 Week 6: Communication

As the nurse administrator for SLMC, you must communicate to your team the disappointing news that your organization is discontinuing tuition reimbursement benefits. Discuss how you will communicate this message to your direct reports and to the rest of the organization. Be specific and state your rationale for your communication plan.


Communicating news that is disappointing on the nursing staff isn’t a simple job. Creating a terrible news delivery timeframe with additional senior leaders in the group must be a part of the original executive conversation. Sharing bad or disappointing news on the staff members must be accomplished as fast as you possibly can to stay away from employees learning about the disappointing news from various other sources. Rumors run rampant when awful news continues to be discussed with one portion of the business rather than with other people. After the media delivery timeframe continues to be determined, a staff meeting must be scheduled as fast as you can….Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.