(Answered) NR531 Week 7: Quality Management and Control

SLMC has a continuous commitment to delivering the highest quality care by addressing crucial issues, such as patient safety, technology, and expanding services to meet community needs. As the nurse administrator, you determine an audit of elderly patient readmissions would be helpful data to be gathered. Discuss some of the specific information you would include on this tool and how specifically you would proceed with this project and your rationale for including them in the tool. Whom would collect the data?

After reading about Deming’s 14 Total Quality Management principles, state one management principle you would apply to assist in delivering the highest quality care?


As the nurse administrator assisting SLMC consistently provide the best care possible by dealing with serious concerns is the responsibility of mine. Conducting audits is an effective method to find as well as address serious issues. As mentioned in (Kitamura et al., 2017), the objective for doing a readmission review is understanding, anticipate as well as keep track of the frequency which re admissions are happening in an effort to lessen future re admissions for the similar or same motives. Doing an audit of aged individual re admissions are able to offer information that is useful and contribute to useful facility foresight in respect to cost and productivity. Hospital ‘s rewards to discharge individuals earlier are connected with increased mortality and morbidity following discharge. As mentioned in Bjorvatn (2013), aged individuals are…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.