(Answered) NR532 Week 1: Leadership and Management Theories

Many leaders hesitate to show vulnerability to their team. Discuss at least one way that you could show vulnerability as a leader to your team. How could this help you connect with your team in a positive manner (See the Person Centred Nursing Framework (PC) PowerPoint link in your required reading for the week)?

In addition, what type of healthcare delivery system would you implement for your team? Discuss the rationale for your choice.


Leaders oftentimes don’t love showing signs of vulnerability because it is able to come to be portrayed as a signal of weakness. Nevertheless, vulnerability as well as weakness are 2 things that are different. It really is precisely how each one of these is important are portrayed. Vulnerability in a leader can usually be considered a good indication and also provides for a method to push both innovation and inspiration of staff. It is able to create supportive relationship and a trusting with employees by enabling the chance for prospective criticism. To be susceptible enables management being able and closer to better connect with staff and patients, that creates trust and rapport (Younie, 2016). As a leader…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.