(Answered) NR532 Week 4: Licensure and Accreditation

The number of malpractice claims involving patient safety issues at your facility has doubled in the last quarter. Discuss a strategic plan to reduce the number of these claims. Be specific with your example and explanation. Based upon the person-centred nursing framework by McCormack and McCance (2017), how would presencing assist in this process?


Medical groups are accountable to oversee as well as continue a heartbeat on the efficiency along with the patient quality results. To be able to truly know how the company is performing in these locations calls for having a way of measuring success to enlighten everybody on aspects seeking gaps or improvement in the procedure. Nurse executives should often be evaluating the businesses goals as well as objectives and looking at the criteria to decide whether they’re fulfilling the preferred patient results. This is in many cases administered from the usage of audits. Quality management plans offer structure to monitoring and analyzing results and also need assistance from the top degree of administration on the front line personnel (Huston and Marquis, 2017). Nurse executives must enable staff members being…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.