(Answered) NR532 Week 5: Human Resource Management

A difficult situation can result when personal and working relationships are combined. You have been assigned to a new area as the nurse leader, where a good friend of the family has worked for many years. You are made aware of multiple issues of tardiness by your friend over the last few months. Discuss how you would handle the situation.


Working friendships can be difficult. Turning into a leader in a space in which you will find actually staff members you understand really, could be a lot more difficult. Working with this particular type of scenario usually takes additional finesse, though identical actions must be considered as it’d with any personnel with persistent tardiness. Based on Morley (2015), setting expectations, documenting when rules are broken as well as with a solid disciplinary method will set the standard for your office. I was promoted to a coordinator position after becoming a staff nurse for a few years. I had become the fee nurse to staff members who I will get friendly with outside of work. This particular, at times, could trigger a stress on relationships. What I’ve discovered, is the fact that if the framework of the division follows…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.