(Answered) NR601 Week 6: Post-Menopausal and Sexuality Issues in the Maturing and Older Adult


Ageism and gender bias can affect to whom and how we ask about sexual health, sexual activity, and concerning symptoms. Depending on your own level of comfort and cultural norms this can be a tough conversation for some providers but this is an important topic. As this week’s required NAMS videos discussed, women are wanting us to ask about sexual concerns. This week we also reviewed sexually transmitted diseases and the effects of ageism on the time to diagnosis so it is necessary to ask these questions and provide good education for all patients. You will not know any needs unless you ask.

Discussion Questions:

  • Review the required NAMS videos. What was the most surprising statement or topic that you heard in the videos? Explain why this was surprising to you.
  • What is GSM? What body systems are involved? How does GSM affect a woman’s quality of life?
  • Review one aspect of treatment that Dr Shapiro recommends for GSM and include an EBP journal article or guideline recommendation in addition to referencing the video in your response.

Sexuality and the older adult

  • What is your level of comfort in taking a complete sexual history? Is this comfort level different for male or female patients? If so, why?
  • How will this week’s information impact the way you will interact with your mature and elderly clients in the future?


Probably the most shocking declaration which I noticed on the movies will be the point that females are uncomfortable bringing up sexual dysfunctions and sexual health. This was shocking, since I do not believe most females are uncomfortable. I additionally believe that it will depend on exactly how sexually comfy which provider is in themselves initially. To be truthful, in my tiny thirteen years of training (in various settings), my attitude and conception regarding sexual actions has changed as time passes. Today I am totally hundred % comfortable, I often overlook just how others could be, or maybe I recognize that every person moves at an alternative speed. I believe that as a provider, gauging the audience of yours and creating that healing relationship of acceptance is essential in case you and the patients of yours to achieve success. Additionally, desiring to focus on nearly every care…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.