(Answered) POLI330N Week 8 Discussion: Government Regulations And Social Insurance Programs

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 17
  • Lesson
  • Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook)

Initial Post Instructions

For the initial post, respond to one of the following options, and label the beginning of your post indicating either Option 1 or Option 2:

  • Option 1: The main social insurance programs like Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment compensation are funded by a payroll tax on the earnings of individuals who may receive benefits. Do you think the social insurance programs are effective? How are social insurance programs affected by the socioeconomic and political forces? Explain your answers.
  • Option 2: Research government regulations on a particular area of your choice, such as food, drugs, product safety, fracking, environment, etc. Do you think the government regulations go too far? Do you think the government needs to add more regulations? How are lobbyists involved concerning regulations on food and drug safety, and our environment concerning fracking? Explain your answers.

Be sure to make connections between your ideas and conclusions and the research, concepts, terms, and theory we are discussing this week.

Follow-Up Post Instructions

Respond to at least one peer. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification. Minimum of 1 scholarly source which can include your textbook or assigned readings or may be from your additional scholarly research.

Writing Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 posts (1 initial & 1 follow-up)
  • Cite your sources when applicable (assigned readings/online lessons and an outside scholarly source)
  • APA format for in-text citations and list of references


Professor & Class,

Option 1

There are two types of federal safety net programs, social insurance and means-tested insurance. Both are to aid citizens, however the social insurance also known as social security is funded by the citizens thru payroll tax (Greenburg & Page, 2018). The citizens who contribute to the social insurance with the payroll tax will receive benefits when they are of a certain age, based on what their contributions were (Greenburg & Page, 2018). As stated by Greenburg & Page (2018), “Safety net programs protect Americans from ruinous losses of income stemming from unemployment, poverty, physical and mental illness, disability, family disintegration, and old age by assuring them of a minimum standard of living”. Although Social Security was never meant to be the main source of income for retired citizens that is the case for many. “According to a report by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, Social Security keeps….Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.