(Answered) Week 3: Evidence-Based Strategic Planning

List one opportunity or threat to nursing external to the organization. An example may be a competing organization within close proximity offering sign-on bonuses. Discuss the severity of the opportunity or threat and the probability that it may occur in an organization. How might your role as the nurse leader influence this opportunity or threat through relational connectedness?


Strategic preparation is vital for useful management of a healthcare organization’s overall performance, cost-effectiveness, and development. Proactively looking at a healthcare organization’s long term guidance as well as objectives with an opportunity is provided by outside threats to reduce risks and look for options (Ali, 2018). One external danger determined to the healthcare business are nurses enthusiastic about professional development and seeking exterior opportunities to operate in special areas. A strategic plan which proactively supports specialized development might decrease turnover in the medical facility….Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.