(Answered) Week 7: Quality of Healthcare and Staffing

Defining patient acuity has been a challenge related to staffing. As the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), would you measure patient acuity? Explain your rationale. Please share how would you measure it? Be specific. Additionally, how would patient acuity affect staffing ratios? Please share your rationale.


Staffing in healthcare is a constant struggle for years. Locating a secure nurse to patient ratio is vital when trying to provide effective, safe, and high-quality proper care for individuals in virtually any healthcare environment. As we’ve discovered in this week’s training, poor staffing is able to have a significant effect on patient care as well as patient result, and also it’s crucial to ensure sufficient staffing to meet up with the requirements of the individuals, of the division, and of the group as an entire. Something to shoot into account when talking about staffing ratios would be to factor in patient acuity. Based on O ‘Keefe (2016), acuity levels are an essential requirement of staffing simply because acuity informed staffing have been…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.