(Answered) Week 8: Reflection

Please share what specific knowledge of healthcare operational planning and management that you gained through this experience will be most important as you take on your future nurse executive role?

How will you use the concepts in this course to identify, guide, and evaluate your final MSN practicum project? Please share your topic or idea for your practicum project if you have one identified. Review the ANCC nurse executive board certification examination test content outline. Share how becoming certified can benefit you, in your role as a nurse leader.


The perspectives and topics on functional management and planning have provided me a perspective to leadership that I’d small to no awareness on just before this particular category. In order for activities to run smoothly, a huge amount of planning should go towards creating a difference within healthcare. This is exactly where leadership plays a significant role. A leader who could best support the staff of theirs through change, not just is concerned for their staff members but reveals a broad need and interest to put forward what’s ideal for the business. In order for planning and managing to work, leadership has to be constructed on a good base of the perception of a vision and the organization for the very best for the long term…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.