(Answered)NR449 Week 1 Discussion: Clinical Decision Making

Describe a clinical situation where you were concerned (e.g., a higher incidence of falls, infections, errors, etc.) and where decisions were made to improve the situation. What sources of evidence were utilized to make the decision (e.g., personal experience, expert advice, etc.)?


The clinical situation where I was concerned is the higher incidence of fall, which I witnessed during my clinical practice. An elderly patient in long term care facility fell from the bed in home health setting when the CNA who was taking care of the patient forget to lower the height of the bed and did not put the side rail in place. Fortunately, the fall did not result to serious injuries though the patient got nervous and afraid about falls after the incident. I have worked in long term care facility for about four years now where we take care of the elderly people usually aged 65 years and above and cases of falls in the facility are alarming. Indeed, fall and injury prevention continues to be a considerable challenge across the care continuum. In the United States, unintentional falls are…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5.