ETHC Week 5 Assignment: Course Project Milestone: Annotated Bibliography

First, return to your topic chosen in the week three assignment.

  • Answer this question: What are the personal and/or communal ethical factors that may be involved in determining the moral position of either side in that debate?
  • Next, articulate and then evaluate the ethical positions  using Kantian ethics (that is, the categorical imperative) relative to the long standing debate (that is your topic chosen in the week three assignment).
  • Finally, create a complete annotated bibliography for 5 academic scholarly sources. You will annotate each source. The sources should be relevant to your topic chosen in the week three assignment.

Include the following:

  • Publication details
  • Annotation (a detailed reading of the source)

Each annotation section should include the following:

  • Summarize key points and identify key terms (using quotation marks, and citing a page in parentheses).
  • Describe the controversies or “problems” raised by the articles.
  • State whether you agree or disagree and give reasons.
  • Locate one or two quotations to be used in the final research project.
  • Evaluate the ways in which this article is important and has helped you focus your understanding.


One has only to consider one rule when using the Kantian moral view: the categorical imperative. This imperative is a rule, which states that one should “act according to the maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law” (Rachels, 2018). In using this theory, a community or individual should ask themselves two questions: can they rationally require that all people act as they propose? Do their proposed actions respect humanity, or does it use people as a means to an end? Overall, Kant argued that moral actions should meet the maxim threshold and be an end as opposed to a means…..Please click the icon to purchase the full answer at only $10