NR394 Week 7 Discussion: Presentation of Course Project: Part 3

This discussion prompts you to identify and discuss cultural competence in professional nursing. You must present your Week 6: Course Project Part 3 Poster to your classmates. Please submit the poster as an attachment so your classmates can review this information. Please address the following in the discussion box:

  1. Cultural population selected and why
  2. Health issue selected and why
  3. Highlight three or more key points from your poster

Scholarly outside sources are included and credited on your poster.


The cultural population I selected is Hispanic (Whites) in the State of New Jersey. I selected this population because of two main reasons. Firstly, it is a different culture than mine and thus, I would like to know more about them to improve my cultural competency. Secondly, the Hispanic (White) population is among the minority ethic/cultural groups in NJ faced with various health disparities. Therefore, it is important to understand how the cultural background affects healthcare delivery. The health issue selected is medical insurance for people less than 65 years of age. I selected this health issue because the Hispanic (White) population is the least insured race in NJ (New Jersey Department of Health, 2020). The Health People…Please click the icon to purchase the full answer at only $5