NR394 Week 8 Discussion: Reflection on Transcultural Nursing

As you complete this course, reflect on how you will implement lessons learned about transcultural nursing into your future nursing practice. Provide details about what you plan to do to incorporate cultural competence and diversity awareness in your current or ideal future professional nursing position.

Think big!


This course has been an eye-opener for me in terms of cultural competency. Patient diversity is ever increasing and thus, I think this course has improved my cultural competency to enable to provide care to diverse patient populations effectively. I will implement the lessons from this course into my future professional nursing practice in various ways. Firstly, I will take into account that culture can be a huge barrier in providing care and with that in mind; I will strive to learn about different cultures to improve my cultural competency. I will try to understand the patients’ from the perspectives of their own culture. Even when their cultural beliefs clash with the beliefs and norms of my own culture, I will always respect the patients’….Please click the icon to purchase the full answer at only $5