(Solution) HIST405 Week 6 discussion: The New Deal

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Initial Post Instructions:
For the initial post, pick two (2) of the following (any program and/or act of the New Deal):

Programs Acts
Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)

Public Works Administration (PWA)

Civil Works Administration (CWA)

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Farm Security Administration (FSA)

Emergency Banking Relief Act

Economy Act

Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)

Tennessee Valley Authority Act (TVA)

National Employment System Act (Wagner-Peyser Act)

Home Owners Loan Act

National Industrial Recovery Act (NIA)

Glass-Steagall Act (Banking Act)

Securities & Exchange Act

Emergency Relief Appropriation Act

Resettlement Administration (RA)

Rural Electrification Administration (REA)

National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)

Social Security Act

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Reflecting over the weekly reading and lesson video The New Deal Coalition (also linked in the Required Resources), address the following for your selections:

  • Consider workers, immigrants, and African Americans. Explain how minorities were represented by the New Deal.
  • Analyze to what extent you think that the New Deal effectively ended the Great Depression and restored the economy.

Follow-Up Post Instructions
Compare your selections and analysis of selections with those of your peers. If they chose different events, examine how yours are similar and/or different. If they chose the same events, build on their posts by providing additional information about the events that you have not already noted in your own post.

Writing Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 posts (1 initial & 2 follow-up)
  • APA format for in-text citations and list of references


The New Deal established numerous programs and enacted various legislation, some of which still exist today. Some of its programs included the Work Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservative Corp. Like most programs, these programs were originally designed to create employment opportunities (Dyer, & Dyer, 2005). Their existence was paramount, mainly because the country had recorded an additional seven million lost jobs during Hoover’s presidency. African Americans and workers benefited from these programs. The CCC program hired over 250,000 young men within the first two months of operation. It greatly increased its African American workforce from 3% to nearly 11% (Corbett et al., 2017). ..Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5