(Solution) NR451 Week 6 discussion: Transformational leadership

This week’s graded topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO).

CO2: Proposes leadership and collaboration strategies for use with consumers and other healthcare providers in managing care and/or delegating responsibilities for health promotion, illness prevention, health restoration and maintenance, and rehabilitative activities. (PO#2)

Due Date

  • Answer post due by Wednesday 11:59 PM MT in Week 6
  • Two replies to classmates and/or instructor due by Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of Week 6


  • Discussions are designed to promote dialogue between faculty and students, and students and their peers. In discussions students:
    • Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week
    • Integrate scholarly resources
    • Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates
    • Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner
  • Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers.
Discussion Questions


Transformational leaders influence those around them and therefore have the potential to alter the culture of a unit or organization. Please address the following topics:

  • Summarize your general beliefs of what makes a good leader.
  • Regarding the transformational leadership skills discussed in our required article reading, how do you think your leadership style is perceived by others?
  • What aspect of the TEACH values discussed in the lesson do you think would most benefit your work environment if adopted?


My general belief about a good leader is that he or she leads by example. This means that the leader role models to his/ her followers the attributes of integrity, fairness, respect, open communication, honesty, and active listening, among other leadership attributes. A good leader encourages, motivates, and empowers his followers to perform beyond their limits by setting clear goals, visions, and expectations and creating an inspiration vision for them to participate in. The leader also establishes therapeutic and trusted relationships with his or her followers, ensuring that these connections bear innovativeness and productivity. According to Robbins and Davidhizar (2020), good leaders also are equally compassionate…Please click the icon below to purchase the full answer at only $5