(Solution) OCE1001 INTRO OCEANOGRAPHY Unit 3 Discussion

Anthropogenically induced Climate Change or Global Warming endured many years of controversy before gaining widespread public acceptance despite the accumulation of substantial data and developing theories. Please write your responses in a narrative format, as opposed to a generic response to each of the following items.

  1. What evidence or data do you think is the most conclusive or convincing and why?
  2. Which impact will have the most detrimental effect on our area and why?
  3. What are possible solutions to remedy your chosen impact


Climate change is among the most serious challenges facing the world today. While there are various evidences to prove the existence of global warming, scientists agree that ocean warming is the strongest evidence that indicate how the earth is warming as a result of greenhouse gases emitted from burning of fossil fuels (Shankman & Horn, 2017). Unlike the land, oceans have an enormous capacity to hold heat. Since 1992, scientists have found that the rate of ocean warming has almost doubled. In the past 50 years, ocean temperatures have increased by an average of 0.12 degrees per decade (Berwyn, 2017). Given that the oceans cover almost three quarters of the earth, they have for a long time absorbed much heat which is now evident through increased sea level. As the oceans heat up, sea level rises due to thermal expansion on the surface of the ocean. More, thermal expansion is happening in deep sea and also contributing…Please click here to download at $5.